Monday, January 11, 2016

Crust Woodfired Pizza

Crust Woodfired Pizza is located at the Happy Valley Station pod (SE 145th and Sunnyside) in Happy Valley, Oregon.

After having sampled food and drinks from every other cart at this pod (due to the awesome media event last month), Crust was the final cart to try. Wood-fired pizza carts have gotten more commonplace in the Portland area over the past few years.

As with virtually every pizza place, I ordered the Margherita ($8): Roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, and parmesan on red sauce. My pizza was ready in just a few minutes.

An awesome pizza, with slight crunch on the crust. Edges puffed up nicely and had a good lightness to it. For me, I may have liked a bit more mozzarella on the pizza, perhaps a tad more basil. Still, everything was fresh and delicious.

I'll have to try the Double Down ($10) next, which has sausage, mushrooms, and habanero peppers. Not sure why it was listed twice on the menu, but maybe it's that good? I'm sure some people wondered why a spicy fan like me didn't get this first, but again, the Margherita remains my standard test for pizza joints.

This is hopefully the first of many food carts for Crust! 8/10

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