Monday, May 4, 2020


Miyakonjo is located in the Shirokiya Japan Village Walk at Ala Moana in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Back in late January, I headed here when my cousin was in town visiting. Naturally, their advertising as the spiciest ramen in Shirokiya drew my attention.

The broth is chicken and soy sauce-based, with garlic powder and chili powder. Ground pork is added with the noodles, then the dish is topped with seaweed and scallions.

Their ramen levels ranged from no spice to their fiery option. There's a clear difference in appearance with each option, each increasing level looking much angrier than the previous one.

The non-ramen menu includes a few local and Japanese dishes, usually with a version of fried chicken.

As my "tester" option for spice and flavor, I went with the "Extra Hot" version ($11.99), which is the second-hottest. The description says this one is perfect for "all self-professed chilli lovers." Yes, that is seven chiles next to the bowl on the menu.

After waiting 5-10 minutes, I received my order.

Despite the angry dark red color, it was a pleasing spice for me, and I'm sure chile oil was added to this. The seaweed provided extra flavor. Noodles were on the softer side, past al dente, so they could have been pulled a bit sooner. I usually prefer slices of pork instead of ground pork, but the ground meat was fine here.

Overall, it was a good bowl of ramen, and I would definitely try the spiciest option (fiery) next. Of course, when dealing with spicy food, know your own limits, and don't feel pressured to try what I try.

Miyakonjo separates itself from many ramen spots by providing multiple spicy, yet flavorful, ramen options. That part reminds me a lot of Agu Ramen here, which has since expanded to more locations since my initial visit there over five years ago. 8/10

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