Thursday, February 19, 2015

Freshii (Vancouver, WA)

Freshii is an international food chain that started in Canada. They recently added a location in the Salmon Creek neighborhood of Vancouver, Washington. This blog post is for the Salmon Creek location that recently opened on NE Tenney Road.

First of all, love the decor. A periodic table of foods, a wall of fake leaves adorning the Freshii logo. Cash register/ordering area is at the very back. You can see the workers making your food on an assembly line.

Menu has an assortment of items, all generally geared towards a healthy meal or beverage. Salads, wraps, bowls, burritos, chili, smoothies, juices, and soft-serve.

You can make any bowl option into a burrito and any burrito option into a bowl. A "green wrap" option uses collard greens instead of the wheat tortilla.

A burrito sounded good this time. I got the Tex Mex ($7.99) with brown rice, black beans, corn, avocado, aged cheddar, and pico de gallo. I also added chicken for $1.49 more.

First thought was that they wrap the burrito in a unique way.

They also press the burrito to get some browned grill marks.

Overall, it was good. Lots of rice and black beans to make this a filling meal. The avocado added some healthy fats and extra creaminess. I would have liked a bit more chicken, though. In all honesty, I probably got the least flavorful burrito of the menu options -- especially when other burrito choices include BBQ sauce (Smokehouse burrito), peanut sauce (Bangkok burrito), or a spicy lemongrass sauce (Thai Lemongrass burrito).

Still, I was trying to justify if the meal I received was truly worth $10+. Here, probably not, but maybe it would have been worth it if I had gotten one of the other burritos listed in the previous paragraph (which would have been a bit cheaper).

I could tell that some of the staff was still trying to get their bearings. The place had probably been open just a week or two when I made my visit.

Perhaps a return trip is in order, especially because this is not far from work. For now, it's an A-OK. 6.5/10

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