Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pimento Cheese Kitchen

Pimento Cheese Kitchen can be found at several spots during the week in Vancouver, Washington, in addition to events/catering. For this blog post, I found them parked across the street from the Public Service Center (near 13th and Franklin) in downtown Vancouver.

Thanks to a tip from a coworker, I located their cart in downtown Vancouver on a Wednesday. Their schedule for the week can usually be found on their Facebook page.

From what I gathered, this cart used to be the same one owned by Big Ass Sandwiches down in Portland. Sadly, BAS closed its doors over a month ago, and I'm personally still bummed by that.

The PCK menu consists of sandwiches and bowls, each featuring one of their signature pimento cheeses. Sandwiches are on ciabatta bread and come with a side of chips. I also learned that they may sell their pimento cheeses (three total) for sale.

On this particular day, I didn't feel like eating bread, so I got their meatloaf bowl ($10). Two slices of homemade meatloaf served with pimento cheese mashed potatoes. Yup, that's pimento cheese mixed with mashed potatoes. That alone would be worth an extended lunch break and a drive to the cart for panda science.

Very good meatloaf here. I personally think it's a good choice to get the meatloaf with their sweet-tangy BBQ sauce. Awesome mashed potatoes.

Initially, I thought their portion size (couple slices of meatloaf with one scoop of mashed potatoes) was a bit small. After about an hour or two, my stomach basically said "No, Mr. Panda, that was an ideal serving."

Pimento Cheese Kitchen also rocks a couple of specials during the week.

Of all their sandwiches, I'd probably be leaning towards the Jalapeno Popper ($8) and the Krispy Klucker ($10). And yes, they also have a Fried Chicken bowl ($10) with pimento cheese mac and cheese. Gluttony wins here.

Pimento Cheese Kitchen is a great food cart in Vancouver, Washington! 8.5/10

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