Sunday, June 26, 2016

The People's Pig (Part 2)

(Food Cart Review -- December 2011)

The People's Pig is located on N Williams Avenue in Portland, Oregon.

After several years as a food cart, The People's Pig went brick-and-mortar a couple years ago, at the former home of Tropicana BBQ. The options here differ from the food cart, with various meat options available in sandwich or plate form. You can also get certain sides, beer, and cocktails. Sandwiches come with one side.

The Porchetta Sandwich ($12) starts with a sturdy bun, a heaping pile of pork, and lettuce. The pork is incredible and reaffirms why this place has been so successful. The meat was juicy, flavorful, and extremely tender. Really doesn't get any better. However, for me, the rest of the sandwich was mainly just OK. I certainly did not expect the bread to put up as big a fight as it did.

Learning experience here, as I'm probably just getting a plate next time so that I can properly enjoy more meat and tasty sides.

The next time I go back, I'm unfortunately passing on the cole slaw. While the flavor was certainly fine, the crunchy cabbage was in large, non-uniform chunks and drenched in the creamy dressing. I would probably recommend the cornbread and potato salad sides here.

Specials also include Smoked Lamb ($14 plate); Smoked Sausage ($3), and the 2 Meat 2 Side ($25). Heck, get a little bit of everything for $60.

The People's Pig is a great place for BBQ in Portland. For me, I'm steering clear of the sandwiches and enjoying the plates. 7/10

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