Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Heathen Brewing Feral Public House

Heathen Brewing's Feral Public House is located on Washington Street in downtown Vancouver, Washington.

I went here with two of my good friends on a scorching August day. Fortunately Heathen Brewing has over three dozen taps, with a good number of them sporting their own brews.

I actually started with their lone non-alcoholic option, the "Nameless Awesomeness" root beer. If I drink any soda these days, it's likely going to be a craft root beer. It took on more of a licorice and anise quality, from what I gathered. A solid choice.

My friends and I got a flight of seven different beers.

  • #15 was Heathen's "Son of Malice," a Double IPA. Good malt backbone to it and a nice, bitter finish.
  • #11 was Heathen's "Vantucky," a Strong Pale Ale. It had some hops in there and bitterness (43 IBU) akin to a Session IPA, so I drank the rest with no complaints.
  • #14 was Heathen's "Easy Money," a Session IPA. At 50 IBU, another easygoing beer that I could drink more of on a hot day.
  • #13 was Heathen's "Transcend," an IPA. Probably my favorite of the seven beers we got. More citrus and grapefruit, and right around the ABV mark that I like for single IPAs.
  • #22 was Heathen's "Absolution," a Kolsch. Smooth and
  • #24 was Heathen's Raspberry Sour. Easily the most attractive beer -- and very tart. I'm not the biggest sour fan, so this one was a puckerfest.
  • #10 was Heathen's Saison d'Brette, a sour saison with Brettanomyces. Yup, another sour, but easier to get down than the raspberry.
Naturally, we also got food. Their Margherita pizza had large tomato slices, with basil (cut chiffonade-style) and lots of cheese. Pizzas are cooked inside a stone oven. It looked great and tasted wonderful.

For fun, I tried Heathen's "Tribal Heat" sauce. To me, it was a standard (and tasty) wing sauce. Nothing extremely hot here.

For beer and food at a gastropub, Heathen Brewing's Feral Public House is one of the top choices right now in Clark County. Without the bustling, busy streets that Portland would have, this is a damn good spot to hang out with friends. 8.5/10

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