Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hammy's Pizza

Hammy's Pizza is located on SE Clinton in Portland, Oregon. I finally tried this place during Portland Pizza Week (April 17-22, 2017).

You'll get Sicilian-style pizzas here. Thick crust, square slices. For your nocturnal pizza cravings, they also deliver until 4 AM.

The menu has some interesting pizza options, such as a Cheeseburger Pizza and a Breakfast Pizza. Of course, you can also create your own.

As noted above, I came during Portland Pizza Week. Can't beat $2 slices, especially when they're hefty like Hammy's will be. I had to get both options (one meat and one vegetarian), because they each featured New Mexico green chile.

The Coyote featured Pepperoni, mushrooms, and green chile. The Roadrunner had fresh tomatoes, red onions, and green chile. Frankly, I had a hard time picking my favorite of the two. I grew up with pepperoni and mushroom pizza, but I love a good vegetarian option. I only wish that they put the extra hot green chile on there, like I had in New Mexico. But of course, I understand not everyone likes spicy like I do.



I loved that all slices were pre-cut and then cooked to order in the conveyor belt oven. You were assured fresh, hot slices, with a crunchy crust and gooey cheese. You got the herbs in just about every bite. I took my slices to go, so of course my car smelled like lovely Sicilian pizza for the next few days.

I made it a point during Portland Pizza Week to try as many new spots as possible. As you will see, I definitely did just that. Check out Hammy's Pizza if you like Sicilian-style pizzas! 8.75/10

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