Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Batter Up

Batter Up is located on SW Lombard Avenue in Beaverton, Oregon.

Batter Up started up as a food cart at the Aloha food pod about three years ago before getting a brick-and-mortar spot on the first floor of an apartment complex in Beaverton. Batter Up had also been a featured vendor at Farmers' Markets in Hillsboro.

Batter Up's signature items are their waffle sandwiches. Most menu items are fittingly named for baseball players or baseball references. Some are served with hash browns or waffle fries.

I got the Big Papi Cubano ($7 a la carte, $9 with waffle fries). House-made mojo pulled pork, ham, Swiss, pickles, and spicy mustard between two waffles.

It's a solid sandwich here. Good amounts of pork and ham, crunchy pickles, and the right amount of mustard. The waffle had a very slight crunch to it and held up, although it (predictably) tended to get more on the soggy side towards the end. Maybe a bit on the smaller size for portion size, at least in my opinion. They used a sweet waffle even for this savory creation, so chances are that they use the same batter for just about every waffle.

Unfortunately, I didn't think the coffee was up to par this time. Very much on the watery side.

Batter Up's punch card is a big selling point. Buy nine sandwiches and the tenth is free. Also, you'll get double punches on rainy days.

There are a handful of benches and seats indoors for 3-4 vendors. There is street parking and they're also next to a post office, so I think they are in a pretty good location.

Their MVP is one of their signature savory waffle sandwiches, featuring custom ground bacon-sausage. There's also a Chicken and Waffles option, Monte Cristo, and a Cheesecake waffle.

Batter Up has seemingly made the successful transition to brick and mortar! Great food here. 8/10

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