Sunday, June 11, 2017

Lei'd Back

Lei'd Back is located at the Happy Valley Station pod (SE 145th and Sunnyside) in Happy Valley, Oregon.

Lei'd Back is on the north side of the lot, next to Chinese Lucky Dragon (as of May 2017).

I had forgotten that I had tried Lei'd Back's food before: two years ago at the 2015 Portland Food Cart Festival. At the time, they were still a catering business. In 2016, they landed a cart at the Happy Valley Station pod and have seemingly been going strong since.

The menu has several familiar items to me, including kalua pig, loco moco, huli chicken, shoyu chicken, and spam musubi. Mix plates (combo plates) can be created, the price depending on what you get. Plate lunches generally get two scoops of rice and one scoop of macaroni salad, although you can switch it up or make substitutions.

As I do with just about any Hawaiian-style plate lunch spot, I test out the Loco Moco ($8) first. One hamburger patty and egg served over a bed of rice, covered in brown gravy, with green onions on top.

I was told about 10-15 minutes of wait time on this. I guess they cook this one to order. Most of the other menu items are likely prepped ahead of time (i.e. kalua pig and shoyu chicken), so you shouldn't have to wait as long on those.

Overall, a great loco moco. The keys were the tasty brown gravy and the perfect overeasy egg. The hamburger patty, while seasoned nicely, may have been slightly on the dense side. It was gravy overload here; I wish that there was more rice or protein to help with that.

No mac salad with my loco moco here. Not sure if they ran out of mac salad or simply forgot to put it in.

From the notes I had on their mac salad two years ago, it had good seasoning but the pasta could have been more al dente, and perhaps a bit of crunch (i.e. celery) could have been added. Not sure if the recipe has changed or stayed the same since.

Even with some 15+ food options at Happy Valley Station, Lei'd Back received a handful of customers while I was present.

Lei'd Back is a solid food cart at Happy Valley Station! 7.25/10

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