Monday, May 17, 2021

Rick's Jerk

Rick's Jerk is located at the Pearlridge Downtown parking lot, near the corner of Pali Momi St and Kamehameha Hwy, in Aiea, Hawaii.

There is a large parking lot near where Sears used to be. The Leonard's malasada truck is the only one that is there every day, but from Wednesday through Sunday, up to 5-6 other trucks pull up for lunch and dinner. Rick's Jerk is usually one of them.

Rick's Jerk is the only place I am currently aware of on Oahu that has Jamaican cuisine. The previous spot I knew (Jawaiian Irie Jerk) closed in March 2018.

Rick's has three proteins to choose from: chicken, pork belly, and shrimp. They are all seasoned with a jerk blend that likely includes cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, cumin, and cayenne. Plates range from $13 (one protein) to $23 (all three).

I got the two-choice plate ($19) with chicken and pork belly. It includes two scoops of Jamaican rice/peas, and a Hawaiian sweet roll.

After maybe 7-10 minutes, the food came in a sturdy plastic go-to container - and filled to the brim with everything. A bed of pork belly and onions, topped with three large chicken drumsticks. That container easily weighed three pounds. Everything stayed temperature-hot for a while.

Outstanding chicken, very juicy with properly charred exterior. Tender pork belly. Jerk spice had a noticeable kick, yet pleasurable. The rice looked a bit overcooked or overwatered to me, but otherwise fine. I did not see the need for a Hawaiian sweet roll as part of the dish, as there's already a good amount of starch on the plate.

I probably need to get used to paying a bunch for food after everything reopens. I probably wouldn't be spending $19 on a meal every day, but the good news is you could split this into two meals or share with a friend.

Excellent service. I'll likely get the shrimp on my next visit to complete the experience.

If you see Rick's Jerk, give them a try! 8.25/10

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