Monday, May 24, 2021

Perefoti Island Fixx

Perefoti Island Fixx is located at the Pearlridge Downtown parking lot, near the corner of Pali Momi St and Kamehameha Hwy, in Aiea, Hawaii.

Just like my previous post, Perefoti Island Fixx would be found in the same area where the Leonard's malasada truck sets up. Perefoti is among the 5-6 trucks that likely show up Wednesday through Sunday for lunch/dinner.

Perefoti's specialty is Polynesian drinks and sweet treats. Drink sizes can range from 24 oz ($5) to a 64 oz mason jar ($20). If you think you will be a repeat customer, it may be a good idea to get the mason jar (32 oz or 64 oz), as you can get $5 off on a refill.

For an extra $1 or $2, you can add strawberries, ice cream, or kalo. It can turn your drink into an ice cream float.

I had to get the vaifala, their signature item here. It is a Samoan drink made with pineapples and a milk base. Some of the recipes I've seen online use sweetened condensed milk.

Very refreshing and delicious. Pineapple pulp is still in there, giving it added texture. It's sweet but not overly so. On this day, 24 oz was enough beverage for me, but I saw people taking home the 32 oz mason jars.

Other drinks include:
  • Poifa'i, made with banana and coconut cream
  • Vaimeleni, made with watermelon and a milk base
They generally focus on 4-6 items and do it right. If you are having a party - or testing your stomach capacity for science - Perefoti has a 5-gallon "Big Bangah" jug option for $200.

My friend got their special Fa'ausi Kalo with Ice Cream ($12). According to Perefoti's facebook page, Fa'ausi Kalo is a traditional Samoan dessert where the kalo (taro root) is baked, topped with caramelized coconut cream and some ice cream. They say the kalo is prepped "umu style" which is just like Hawaii's "imu" (an earth oven).

(photo credit: Marcel Saragena)

Frankly, it looked like a wet bread pudding with ice cream. Very inviting, and I'll have to try that if I see it next time.

Check out Perefoti Island Fixx if you are in the area! 8.5/10

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