Monday, November 8, 2021

The Collective Cafe

The Collective Cafe is located on Uluniu Street in Kailua, Hawaii.

My friend took me to The Collective Cafe one weekend because his friend was working a shift here. It's actually part tattoo shop on the right side, but the left side (where you enter) has the walk-up counter to order food and drinks. I don't head to Kailua often, but when I do, might as well engage in some drink adventure science.

It's a small menu of some espresso options and few food items such as baked goods, quiche, and breakfast burritos.

While I usually enjoy a black coffee if I want some caffeine, I got a cappuccino this time for science ($4.10 for 12 oz). We dined al fresco, with a couple tables on the sidewalk. One of the employees brought our drinks to the table after a couple minutes.

It's a good cappuccino, pleasing, balanced, and warm. They even attempted some latte art in the steamed milk foam.

It looks like there may be some live music if you go on certain days. We were there midday on a Sunday and one person performed outside the venue for a short while.

Enjoy the art on the building while you're here!

Great service, very friendly. Hopefully if I head back, I'll also try some of the food. The Collective Cafe is a solid place to go to unwind after a long work week. 7.75/10

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