Monday, January 23, 2023

Super Pho

Super Pho is located on Waialae Ave, near Sierra Drive, in Honolulu, Hawaii.

To anyone still reading this blog, I haven't gone to a new spot in a while because I've been lazy and mostly ate at home/ If anything, it's saved some money (inflation is not proper science).

But we recently celebrated mom's birthday, and since she loves pho, my parents and I tried this spot. There were few people here for lunch on a Saturday.

Typical Vietnamese menu here, from pho to banh mi to rice dishes.

We started with some BBQ chicken summer rolls ($11.99). Included the usual vermicelli noodles, mint, lettuce, and chive. Side of peanut sauce. Good peanut sauce, but probably would have liked a bit more chicken with this one.

Dad enjoyed his BBQ pork with rice dish ($18.50). It came with a side salad and a very vinegar-forward dressing; I could smell that dressing from a few feet away. Good flavor on the thin slices of pork, although I thought it was slightly on the dry side.

As pho lovers, Mom and I got had to get that here. Only one size ($17.99), coming with the usual sides of basil, sprouts, jalapeƱos, hot sauce, and a couple lemon wedges.

Mom enjoyed her tofu and vegetable pho. For her, a very large portion, and she loved that the noodles also didn't clump up on her.

I went with the 50A, rare steak and beef meatballs. The steak had already been added to the hot broth and was ready to eat by the time it got to the table. Lots of noodles, good broth, very soothing. As expected, prices are higher these days overall.

Unfortunately, even with just 2-3 tables occupied, the service, while friendly, might have been a little slow. Ticket time was around 10-12 minutes. While not bad, figure the pho broth and rice are already prepped, so it's just dropping the noodles, pork, and chicken for cooking.

There are roughly 5-6 parking stalls in the back for Super Pho and an adjacent coffee spot.

Super Pho has solid food. A couple hiccups, but for most people, it shouldn't be a big deal. 7/10

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