Monday, June 5, 2023

Crumbl Cookies

Crumbl Cookies has over 800 locations in 49 states. This blog post covers their first Hawaii location at Kapolei Commons in Kapolei, Hawaii.

On Memorial Day weekend, my parents and I headed to Kapolei for some shopping. I don't travel that way too often, but this area reminds me a lot of the mainland: a larger space with lots of retail stores, and mostly ones that could be found on the mainland.

As noted above, this is Crumbl's first spot in Hawaii, opening in May 2022 next to Genki Sushi. Crumbl states this spot is locally owned and operated, so they do franchising. There are plans for at least two more locations soon. One should open in Aina Haina (east side of Oahu) by this fall, while another is slated for Pearl City, more toward central Oahu.

Crumbl specializes in larger cookies, although they will also make smaller ones for catering events. They do an open kitchen so the customers can see every step of the process, from making the cookie to boxing the order.

The chocolate chip cookie is generally their signature flagship, on the menu every week. They will rotate maybe five other flavors weekly. Some are served chilled, while others are served warm.

I ordered one Strawberry Cake cookie ($4.98). Served warm, it's a strawberry-vanilla cookie, topped with strawberry cream cheese frosting and white chocolate curls. One of the softest, moistest cookies I've ever had. Frosting was delicious, not too sweet. White chocolate curls were mainly for appearance in my book, but also worked well here.

Much like Voodoo Doughnut, Crumbl does pink takeout boxes  but Crumbl even does it for the single orders.

Great service overall, with a good explanation of the options to a first-timer. One can order at one of the two self-serve iPads, or go to the front counter instead.

Although the cookies are on the pricier side, splitting one with my parents was the cost-effective way to go. Basically, we had our dessert before lunch. Proper logic.

If you have a Crumbl Cookies near you, I highly recommend trying them out. I'll be happier once they open a spot closer to me. 9.5/10

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