Monday, September 25, 2023

Straight Outta Husk

Straight Outta Husk is located within Palama Market at the Waimalu Shopping Center, on Kamehameha Hwy, in Aiea, Hawaii.

My parents have gone to Palama Market several times, but mainly to just buy the bentos by the cash register. On the left side by the main entrance/exit, Straight Outta Husk has some dine-in tables and a takeout window.

Based on the Yelp reviews, they've been around as far back as January 2021. They mainly serve different proteins inside a taco, burrito, torta, or tostada. Straight Outta Husk also has 3-4 rotating tamale options and a dessert. There's no menu that I could find, just the sign outside with the general menu choices.

The Lengua Tacos (around $6 for one) are excellent. Generous portions of shredded, tender lengua inside a single street-taco-sized corn tortilla, topped with onions, cilantro, and guacamole. Likely simpler seasonings on the lengua itself, just a good, beefy experience.

Tacos also come with two lime wedges and a small container of salsa roja, maybe mild-medium in heat level for the average person.

My friend got one pollo asada taco, which she enjoyed

While I enjoyed the service and the food, it just seems on the pricier side for my liking. I realize inflation went through the roof in the past three years, but my bill eclipsed $19 for three small tacos - no rice or beans with that.

At the time of this blog post, Straight Outta Husk is open just three days per week: Tue and Sat from 11-6, and Fri from 11-4. They have social media that will probably post something if the hours are affected.

I'm happy that there are more places in Hawaii these days serving authentic Mexican food. If you're in the mood for some, Straight Outta Husk is a solid option. 8/10

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