Monday, March 7, 2016

Gimme Bap

Gimme Bap is located at the NE 23rd and Alberta pod in Portland, Oregon.

Granted, I hadn't been to this pod in a while, and figured it was time to go back for a visit. Only four carts remain in the lot, one of them being a beer cart. Gimme Bap opened roughly two months ago.

Gimme Bap occupies the space once owned by The Cheese Plate.

The menu focuses on gimbap, basically a Korean twist on sushi, and other Korean items like grilled galbi, bulgogi, and bibimbap. There are also Korean chicken wings on the menu.

Bibimbap ($10) starts with choice of Korean BBQ (beef, pork, or fried tofu) served with assorted vegetables, fried egg, white rice, and gochujang (Korean hot sauce). I opted to get beef this time.

Beef was tender and had nice flavor. Decent amount of white rice. I do think he cooked the egg too long, as the yolk had finished its cooking process. To me, a dish like this requires a more overeasy egg so the yolk can combine everything together. And I probably could have enjoyed this with less gochujang. It's still a good product; the flavors are there and the tweaks are easily fixable.

The dish came with three sides. Looks like I got japchae (noodle dish), fish cake, and deep fried sweet yams. I enjoyed all of those.

At this time, my go-to for Korean food in Portland remains with the legendary Kim Jong Grillin'. Still, Gimme Bap has potential, and I hope they make it as a food cart. 7/10

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