Monday, December 10, 2018

Joy Poke Bar

Joy Poke Bar is located on SW 4th Avenue in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Poke bowls have become more abundant in the past few years, and Joy Poke Bar ensures seemingly limitless combinations when creating yours.

First, you'll pick your size (small, medium, or large). I chose the medium for science - and because I planned to continue my fluffy adventures elsewhere afterward.

Second, you'll pick your choice of rice, greens, or a mix of that. Kale is an extra charge. I chose brown rice.

Third, you can choose two of the following: avocado, crab meat, spicy crab meat, seaweed salad, or edamame. The crab meat is the imitation variety, and you'll pay a bit extra for avocado. Bring on the avocado and spicy crab meat.

Fourth comes the proteins. A medium bowl gave me three options; I could focus on a triple amount of one protein, all the way to a single helping of three different ones. I went double portion spicy tuna and one portion raw cubed salmon.

Fifth comes the mix-ins. White onion and cucumber all the way here. Onion will give a good bite as is usually found in traditional poke. Cucumber added a refreshing note.

Sixth comes the choice of sauce, again any or all that you want. I had a spicy sesame shoyu and spicy chili sauce in mine, topped with spicy mayo.

Finally, any listed toppings. Furikake (nori/sesame seed mix) and wasabi for me.

The bowl looked amazing, and for about $13.50, a nice helping.

Everything was outstanding. Fresh seafood. Fresh, crunchy veggies. Adding the wasabi in there added that punch up your nose that I enjoy so much. I probably otherwise would have just gotten the large bowl because the price difference ($2.00) is negligible.

You can also get a free small bowl of miso soup with your order. Any more soup, though, will cost $2.00. Very good miso soup here. Warm and soothing on a chilly day.

Behind the miso soup: a small container of sriracha

There weren't a lot of people at Joy Poke Bar when I was there. 2-3 people showed up afterwards, but it was not a bustling place. A great healthy option with perhaps no wait.

Check out Joy Poke Bar in downtown Portland for an excellent poke bowl! 9/10

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