Thursday, February 13, 2020

Ex Novo Brewing (Beaverton)

Ex Novo Brewing has three locations to date. This blog post covers the location on SW Watson Avenue in Beaverton, Oregon.

I forgot to get a shot of the outside of the building...oops

I've been to the original Portland spot several times, but not lately. I also learned that Ex Novo opened up a location in Corrales, NM last year.

At the Beaverton Ex Novo, Detroit-style pizza is the signature food on the menu. A square pizza, roughly 8". Should be able to feed two people pretty easily, or one big eater. You can customize your toppings, if you wish.

I love New Mexico green chile, so the 'Querque Derk ($18) called my name loudest. Brick cheese, smoked white cheddar, green chile, double-smoked sausage, and crazy sauce (their house marinara). A very soft dough, not too dense, and lovely crispy edges. Corner pieces ftw. That smoky cheese, smoky sausage, and mild green chile work well, but that sauce was the overall winner. Juicy, sweet, and inviting.

For a beer, I went with a glass of their Monsters in the Mash Hazy IPA ($6). Nelson Sauvin, Motueka, and an experimental hop #472 (Neo-Mexicanus). Very tropical and delicious. Ex Novo releases rotating hazy IPAs all the time, and you are a fan of this juicy tropical style, I totally recommend going to Ex Novo for your fix.

Very good service. It was predictably slower around 8 PM on a Monday night. For parking, just park on the street and head on over.

For outstanding pizza and beer, head to Ex Novo's Beaverton spot! 9/10

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