Monday, September 27, 2021

Seoul Mix 2.0

Seoul Mix 2.0 is located in The Lanai at Ala Moana Shopping Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.

After helping a friend move some stuff out of his UH student apartment, he recommended Seoul Mix 2.0 because he comes by around 6 PM when the Grab N Go meals are 50% off. It's a good way to get introduced to their Korean menu for cheap, as Grab N Go items include items like kimchi fried rice, fried chicken, and gyoza.

I got their Kimchi Fried Rice bento (normally $5.45) and their gyoza (normally $2.95). With the 50% discount, my total with tax was $4.38. These food items also hold up fairly well throughout the day, so even if they were prepared in the morning, you'll still have a good experience by day's end.

At the last moment, we decided to eat in the dining area there. At the time, per Mayor Blangiardi's order, you needed to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test to dine in. All tables were properly socially distanced apart.

The fried rice was still very good and flavorful. It came with three pieces of takuan (pickled daikon radish), two pieces of juicy fried chicken bites, and a spicy mayo underneath the chicken. While it's not the biggest portion, there was no reason to complain with the 50% discount.

There were five gyoza in the container, filled with pork and veggies, and all still had some crispness to it. It came with a traditional dumpling sauce that likely includes rice vinegar and soy sauce.

They have social media, but I don't think they update their Facebook often.

Seoul Mix 2.0 has good food at very reasonable prices. I say give them a try if you're in the area. 8/10

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