Monday, September 20, 2021

Scoop of Paradise (REVISITED)

(Original Review -- February 2018)

A few days ago, I returned to Scoop of Paradise to satisfy my sweet tooth. They are still at the same Historic Haleiwa Town spot that I went to over three years ago.

It has the same waffle cone aroma I remember from my last visit. Everything also looked the same inside, aside from the naturally increased prices and some of the rotating flavors.

During COVID-19, patrons cannot sample flavors, so they can stick with a tried-and-true flavor or go with a new option for science.

To get the most ice cream experience for my money, I asked if they did half-and-half single scoops, and the man behind the counter said yes. It's also the same price as the regular single scoop ($5.25).

I picked Maple Walnut and Lilikoi Cheesecake as my half-and-half choices. I don't know if we got an epic scooper or if COVID allowed them to give more, but I received the largest single scoop of ice cream in history. Well worth the price tag, and if this is how they do the half-and-half scoops, this should be the only way to order.

Yes, that's a SINGLE scoop
(Maple Walnut on top, Lilikoi Cheesecake in the cup underneath)

Both ice creams were wonderfully prepared, creamy and flavorful.

The Maple Walnut had pleasing maple flavor in the ice cream itself, plus intact large walnut chunks throughout. I think they could get away with slightly smaller chunks; even cutting them in half could allow more walnut in every bite.

As for Lilikoi Cheesecake, another success. No mistaking the cheesecake texture and flavor in the ice cream, including the crust. Good use of small passion fruit chunks sprinkled in. It reminded me of the Passion Fruit Mille Crepe I had at Waikiki Tea this past summer.

In my opinion, Scoop of Paradise has earned their elite status on this blog. In an area where they have to compete with at least three shave ice spots (including the famous Matsumoto Shave Ice), Scoop of Paradise steps up their game and delivers an outstanding product. 9/10

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