Thursday, February 8, 2018

Scoop of Paradise

Scoop of Paradise has two locations on Oahu. This blog post covers the spot on Kamehameha Highway in historic Haleiwa town. Their second location is not far away on Kamehameha Road in Waialua.

Historic Haleiwa town has become a scaled-down version of Waikiki. Still a bunch of cars and tourists, yet only one lane in each direction on Kam highway. Predictably, traffic can back up here or in other parts of the highway (as others try to get to the beach).

Mokuleia, Hawaii (not too far away)

The waffle cones are the first thing you notice when opening the door. I'd try to hook up a vent to get that smell wafting up and down the sidewalk.

There are about 30 ice cream flavors, all homemade. Flavors may use banana, Kona coffee, coconut, macadamia nuts, or other local ingredients.

Using panda logic, I opted for a personal favorite: Key Lime Pie. A very generous scoop for $4.70 awaited me. If you really got a sweet tooth, get the double scoop ($7.85) or get a banana split ($10.75). Otherwise, Scoop of Paradise even serves acai bowls.

Delicious, creamy ice cream. I also liked the graham cracker crumbles and the key lime zest. If anything, I would have liked to be hit more in the face with key lime flavors.

If you're on the West side of Oahu, head to Scoop of Paradise! 8.5/10

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