Monday, February 26, 2018

Russell Street Bar-B-Que (Belmont)

(Original Review -- August 2011)

Since my last post on Russell Street Bar-B-Que over six years ago, they have expanded. This blog post covers their second location on Belmont Street in Portland, Oregon.

This second spot is where Hokusei used to be. Russell 2.0 opened last May.

The menu is basically the same, with an array of appetizers/starters, sandwiches, and BBQ platters. You can also get beer or cocktails here.

Russell Street still makes their five BBQ sauces in house: Classic, Kind (milder version of Classic), Killer (spicier version of Classic), North Carolina Vinegar, and Derby Mustard. I personally like either the Classic or the Killer sauce. Even though the Killer sauce has habaneros in it, the sauce will not be overly spicy.

Kind sauce was not on my table

I got the Combo Meat Sandwich ($16), which has pulled pork, brisket, and a butterflied Olympia Provisions sausage on a soft, lightly toasted bun. I got cole slaw again as my side.

Perfect brisket, and you can clearly see the amazing smoke ring. Juicy pulled pork. The casing on the sausage gives it that wonderful snap. A fluffy and light bun that somehow can hold all that protein. I cheated and used a fork and knife because, well, I am horrible when it comes to eating a big sandwich.

That cole slaw was on point. Crunchy, with just the right amount of sweetness and acidity in a savory side. Uplifting and a natural pairing with the sandwich.

You can choose to get your sandwich with BBQ sauce before it gets served to you, or you can put the sauce on later if you're dining in.

There's lots of street parking on Belmont or on a side street, so you should be good to go there.

I'm not sure if I "only" had a pedestrian experience last time, or if Russell Street somehow got better over time. Whatever the case is, Russell Street Bar-B-Que has some good eats. 8.5/10

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