Monday, February 5, 2018

Papa Ole's

Papa Ole's is located on Kamehameha Highway in Hauula, Hawaii.

On a friend's recommendation, we headed to this spot near the North Shore. You'll likely see a mix of tourists and locals here. Some tables inside, and a few tables outside. It appears the owners are fans of Kahuku football, and I wouldn't be surprised if the team has ordered from here several times.

It's cash only, and there are a couple of signs at the entrance stating so. There is an ATM in the store next door.

The menu is filled with plate lunch options. Most have two sizes, mini or regular, as an option. Everything is cooked to order, in the order received. It can take upwards of 20 minutes to get your order.

As usual, we got the regular loco moco ($11.50), which starts with a bed of rice, a side of macaroni salad, two thick hamburger patties, grilled onions, brown gravy, topped with three eggs. A hearty portion for the price.

Delicious velvety gravy here. The hamburger patties were somewhat dense, but still juicy. Eggs cooked over easy, to my liking. The mac salad needed some black pepper, but otherwise very good.

Watch your step near the ordering counter!

Very good service here. Head to Papa Ole's if you're around Hauula or Laie! 8.25/10

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