Thursday, February 15, 2018

Moku Kitchen

Moku Kitchen is located on Ala Moana Blvd in Honolulu, Hawaii.

My mom has gone here with her friends multiple times, and recommended this spot. By chance, Sean, a buddy of mine who you may see on Wreckless Eating, had a 12-hour layover in Oahu while I was visiting family. He too had Moku Kitchen on his list. Talk about an awesome surprise.

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We both started with a local beer, each getting the Lanikai Brewing Moku Imperial IPA. A solid beer that drank rather easily for its stated 8.5% ABV.

The beer selection here is one of the best I've seen on Oahu. There's also a full bar here, if that's more your style.

The Banh Mi Burger ($14) called my name the loudest. A 7 oz patty, cooked to your liking, with pickled veggies, cilantro, and sliced jalapenos. It's served with a side of sriracha, which I threw into the burger because science.

I ordered my burger medium-rare. An excellent burger, with a juicy patty, although perhaps the burger kept cooking past med-rare into medium. I loved the bite and acidity from the pickled veggies, and the jalapenos added a bit more heat.

Sure, the prices are steep, but the panda approves this burger.

We shared a bowl of Garlic Truffle Oil fries ($8), which got topped with parmesan cheese and served with sides of whole-grain mustard aioli and house-made ketchup. Outstanding fries here, with a slightly crispy outside and pillowy inside. You'll definitely get the musky truffle oil, too. Awesome aioli and ketchup.

Sean enjoyed his teriyaki burger ($14), which was topped with watercress, kimchi, and dijon aioli.

Awesome service here. Head to Moku Kitchen for a great burger, fries, and a drink! 8.5/10

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