Monday, September 13, 2021

Zane's Simply Shrimp

Zane's Simply Shrimp is located on Kamehameha Hwy in Historic Haleiwa Town, Hawaii.

Zane's in in a cluster of food trucks near the start of Historic Haleiwa Town. The most famous truck there is probably Giovanni's, it's usually the one with the longest lines - even during COVID-19 times. So my friend and I decided to try Zane's a couple of trucks away on the back right side of the lot.

I took the above photo a bit closer than I normally would because there was a bit of seating in front of the truck.

Predictably, the menu has a few shrimp dishes, including Garlic Shrimp and Thai Sweet Chile Lime Shrimp. They peel and de-vein their shrimp daily.

I got the Hot and Spicy Shrimp ($15), a good portion of shrimp covered in a spicy sauce, with two scoops of rice and a small tossed salad. The sauce likely has sambal and chili flakes, among other ingredients. The dish can be prepared mild, medium, or hot spice, so I requested the spiciest that they usually make it. Some pleasurable heat, yet not overwhelming. There was excessive oil on the plate, and with the abundance of sauce on there, I didn't think they needed to drown the rice in it. Overall, a delicious dish, and I even ate the shrimp tails.

My friend enjoyed his Pineapple Coconut Shrimp ($15), a generous portion of coconut-crusted shrimp covered with pineapple. Crispy shrimp had a good coating of batter, nothing excessive, and the coconut comes through. Only drawback for me was lots of runny sauce or juice on the paper plate, which put it in danger of spilling off. I think a pineapple-coconut glaze or syrup would have worked better here, and they could just reduce their liquid a tad more.

While shrimp is the specialty here, they also have a "World Famous Fish n Chips" on the menu.

If the line is too long at Giovanni's, head over to Zane's for a wonderful seafood experience. 8/10

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