Monday, November 6, 2023

Pinolo Gelato

Pinolo Gelato is located on SE Division Street in Portland, Oregon.

As I wound down my last full day in Oregon, I wanted one last sweet adventure. Since my Mom wanted to go to a craft place nearby, Pinolo Gelato was an ideal stop.

Pinolo (meaning "pine nut" in Italian) opened in 2015, but this was admittedly my first stop here. Hey, it's hard to keep up with so many places....

Their small cart has a spot on the left side of the building.

There's roughly 10 flavors on the menu at all times.

Basically , gelato is served at warmer temperatures than ice cream. Gelato also has less fat and sugar. With less air whipped in, it also feels lighter.

The small is about $5.25 and still should provide a good-sized portion for most people.

After contemplating getting the Pistachio or Tiramisu, I opted for the more regionally connected Hazelnut. Named "Nocciola" on the menu, the hazelnut is assertive, with amazing, creamy texture. But make no mistake, I could have easily gotten any of the flavors on the menu. All expertly made.

My Mom got the Cioccolato (chocolate). Again, incredibly balanced bittersweet chocolate, but not too sweet. Same creamy texture.

One of my friends is Italian - from Italy - and speaks very highly of Pinolo. I can see why.

The gelato speaks for itself. With a bunch of street parking in the adjacent residential neighborhood, Pinolo needs to be on everyone's bucket list when visiting Portland. 9.5/10

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