Friday, November 7, 2014

Ecco Gelato & Espresso

Ecco Gelato & Espresso is located on E Marcy Street in Santa Fe, NM.

While getting lunch at The Shed, the friendly person next to me mentioned a place serving strawberry-habanero gelato. Sold.

The inside is bright and clean. Reminds me of a couple of gelato spots back in Portland.

Stracciatella is another popular flavor, a gelato strewn with chocolate shavings. You can get a couple of flavors in one order, so I got half stracciatella and half strawberry-habanero.

Strawberry-habanero on the left; Stracciatella on the right

Excellent consistency on the gelato, awesome flavors. Great job on the stracciatella. The strawberry-habanero brought a noticeable heat tickle on the throat, and wonderful habanero flavors.

Even in the fall, Santa Fe was hitting the mid-70s that day, without a cloud in the sky. Gelato totally hit the spot.

If you make it to downtown Santa Fe, check out Ecco! 8/10

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