Monday, November 3, 2014

Rebel Donut

Rebel Donut has multiple locations in Albuquerque, NM. I went to the spot on Wyoming Blvd NE.

I admit I drove right by this place while I was searching for it. It is visible from Wyoming Blvd, but the panda apparently needs new glasses.

The atmosphere of this place reminds me of a cross between Voodoo Doughnut and Legendary Doughnuts. A small shop serving up unique doughnuts. Maybe not as popular as Voodoo...yet.

Rebel Donut serves coffee from Red Rock Roasters. That coffee company is legit. Good coffee, no bitter aftertaste.

October Seasonal!
There are various doughnuts to choose from here. One of the more popular choices is the "Breaking Bad" Blue Sky doughnut.

Me? Anything with the words "red chile" got ordered.

Red Chile Chocolate Mango (99 cents) starts with a chocolate cake doughnut, mango icing, and topped with mild red chile powder. If you like that Mexican chile mango, you'll enjoy this. The sweetness of the mango works with the red chile.

Red Chile Chocolate Bacon doughnuts exist for $1.59. Frankly, the bacon did not work as well with the red chile as the mango did. Still, it's bacon.

Both cake doughnuts were also light and fluffy, an added bonus.

Rebel Donut also offers a giant 14" doughnut for $20. Just give them 24 hours' notice, and they will make you any doughnut of your choosing. Should be nice for a party -- or one hungry individual. Mmm...sugar coma.

And Rebel Donut has a cool company car!

A great doughnut place in ABQ. Totally worth the stop. 8.5/10

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