Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sparky's BBQ & Espresso

Sparky's BBQ & Espresso is located on Franklin Street in Hatch, NM.

Naturally, the panda drove 2.5 hours south on I-25 (from ABQ) to Hatch for its famous chiles. There aren't a ton of places in this town, but the one spot people flock to is Sparky's.

Need further proof? There was a line out the door for Sunday lunch -- and it only got longer after I took my place in line.

It's a simple setup. Take your place in line, order, then wait for food. Tables inside and outside to sit at. It may be wise to get all your food in one order, or you may be back in the long line waiting.

Sparky's is noted for their "World Famous" Green Chile Cheeseburger. They also have some standard BBQ items, such as pulled pork and sausage.

I seriously contemplated getting the "Oinker" (their green chile cheeseburger with pulled pork), but since basically 99% of people were getting the "World Famous", I just got that. Burgers come with one side, and I chose their pineapple cole slaw.

When you get the burger, it looks so simple. Diced roasted Hatch chile, American cheese, beef, and bun. It's something that looks like it came from your own backyard BBQ. But somehow, Sparky's burger turned out to be the best green chile cheeseburger I had on the trip. The beef patty, cooked medium, was also seasoned perfectly. The delicate bun and beef made each bite 10 times more enjoyable.

The slaw was also very good. Nice crunch, refreshing pineapple.

Need to cool down in the Southwest? Try green chile lemonade or a green chile milkshake. Yup, those actually exist.

For the green chile lemonade ($2.99), the green chile really comes through and works amazingly well with the lemonade. They use some pretty spicy green chiles; I felt the throat tickle!

When pairing the burger with the slaw and lemonade, it seemed like the ideal lunch after a long drive.

It may be a bit out of the way from Albuquerque, but I would totally drive here for another burger. Perhaps a double green chile cheeseburger next time. 9/10

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