Wednesday, October 15, 2014

ABV Public House (Mainbrew)

ABV is located on NW Clara Lane, just off Highway 26, in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Although ABV is right next to Highway 26, there was no big sign saying "ABV" at the time of my visit. When driving on the street to get here, it's found in a strip mall of commercial businesses. Just make sure you have the address, as it was a bit of a pain for me to find. It really seemed like a hole-in-the-wall spot.

Once I did find it though, the inside was great. Up to 34 beers on tap, with a nice refrigerated beer selection.

There's a lot on the menu, ranging from salads to sandwiches/burgers. There are also a few monthly specials.

The panda has been on a green chile cheeseburger bender lately. But wait, there's green chile POUTINE as well?!
Since burgers here already come with fries, I asked the server if he could turn the fries into a side order of green chile poutine for an extra charge. Wish granted.

Don't be afraid to ask if you can do these types of substitutions. It's basically the same thing I did at Pepper Box Cafe with the green chile cheeseburger and green chile cheese fries.

Initially, the server put in the wrong burger by mistake, giving me the ABV Burger instead. Since the green chile cheeseburger here is basically "add green chiles to the ABV burger," they corrected the error by giving me some roasted green chiles on the side.

It's worth noting the chiles here are in strips. Traditionally, green chile cheeseburgers have a mound of diced chiles. Still tasty -- and mild.

The green chile poutine here features pork green chile stew smothered on top of fries and cheese curds. It's a cool Southwestern take on the Canadian comfort food. Nope, the curds don't squeak like they do in Canada. Still, the fries are good and the pork green chile is quite flavorful.

This place being in Hillsboro, it's a bit further of a drive for me to get to. Still, I hope to return for some beer and more food.

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