Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bistronomy B2B

Bistronomy B2B is located on Central Avenue in Albuquerque, NM.

No more than an hour off the plane, and the panda wanted local food and beer. Being close to the University of New Mexico, Bistronomy provides just that, serving burgers, frites, and 34 local brews. A handful of those beers/ciders are Bistronomy's own, made in the back of the building.

After a sampling of different brews, I went with the Raspberry Wheat. You'll get the raspberry on the smell and taste. Excellent stuff. All pints are $3.90. You can also get a flight of four here.

When in New Mexico, get some green chile. The "Rosa" ($10) has spicy queso, green chile, and nacho cheese tortilla chips on an 8-ounce patty (cooked medium by default). B2B has brioche buns, and the underside of the top bun gets branded with the "B2B" logo for added presentation.

The burger comes with choice of original, cajun, or sweet potato frites. Cajun fries for me, along with their smoky house ketchup.

It's a petite, yet tall burger, and my lazy panda self chose the divide-and-conquer method to eat it all. Everything worked. The queso had more of a kick than I usually get -- a nice intro to the Southwest, perhaps? A whole de-seeded, roasted green chile awaited my stomach. Beef cooked perfectly, and the firm bun maintained a fluffiness to allow easy noshing.

Cajun frites were seasoned well, nice kick again. I sampled the sweet potato frites that also made their way onto my plate, and I enjoyed those as well. The smoky house ketchup looks like ketchup, but tastes like a sweet BBQ sauce. Hell yes.

It's a great atmosphere, one that I can easily see thriving in Portland, Oregon. Even an Oregon college town (Corvallis, Eugene) should have something like this, if there isn't one there already.

Two thumbs up for Bistronomy! 8.5/10

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