Sunday, July 5, 2015

First Due Smokey BBQ

First Due Smokey BBQ is a food cart located in Salem, Oregon.

After all these years, Salem finally has a food pod to call its own. The pod behind Barrel and Keg (which serves beer and wine) recently opened, so I went to check it out with a friend. The pod itself has a rotating cast of food carts. You can check social media -- namely the Barrel and Keg Facebook page -- to see who will be at the pod for the upcoming week.

First Due Smokey BBQ has three meats: brisket, pulled pork, and tri-tip. You can get sandwiches or a plate here. Plates come with a roll and two sides.

I ordered for the Two Meat Plate ($10.50) with brisket and pulled pork. Potato salad was unavailable, so I went with mac salad and cole slaw.

Loved the pulled pork here, juicy and a bit of smoke. I received thick slices of brisket which pulled away without much effort. Awesome char on the exterior.

The sides were good but, for me, really secondary to the meaty main event. I liked the crunchy celery in the mac salad, and the cole slaw had a lovely crunch.

Props to the BBQ sauce. Slightly sweet and predominantly tangy.

Since you can take food with you into Barrel and Keg, I got a flight of four for $6. Yup, $6. Cheap as heck, in my book. Taps will rotate on occasion.

On this day, my choices were the Double Mountain Cluster**** IPA, Vagabond Attack Owl IPA, Walking Man Homo Erectus Imperial IPA, and Schilling's Grapefruit Cider. I enjoyed the Attack Owl and the Grapefruit Cider the most.

After this, I can envision my ideal snack here as a pulled pork sandwich with slaw and BBQ sauce. And of course, a beer flight from Barrel and Keg.

First Due Smokey BBQ provides a nice BBQ option in Oregon's capital. Check them out! 7.5/10

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