Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tired & Pour

Tired & Pour is located at the Belmont Street Eats Pod (near SE 34th and Belmont) in Portland, Oregon.

Erik and Tiffany Lillebo opened their cart armed with their coffee backgrounds and Tiffany's family's tradition of making pizzelles, an Italian waffle cookie popular at Easter, Christmas, and Italian weddings. The hard pizzelles here have a slight crunch but are delicate enough to break apart with little effort.

If pizzelles are still soft, they can be rolled and filled with cream to make excellent cannoli.

Tiffany told me that her favorite pizzelle flavor is anise, which initially struck me as bizarre and rather unique. She sold me on trying it, and I was a fan. The anise is obvious, but the sweetness from the other pizzelle ingredients (i.e. butter, sugar) keeps it in check.

I also sampled the lemon pizzelle, which I felt was naturally more up my alley. The refreshing lemon naturally works in this waffle cookie. I'd like ten of those to go.

Here, you can get a Pizzelle sandwich. Think ice cream sandwich with pizzelles instead of the usual thicker cookies. The panda really likes this option.

Tired & Pour has coffee from St. Johns Coffee Roasters, an awesome choice. Awesome coffee, very balanced, no traces of burn or bitter. This would be a wonderful place to get a snack or a light brunch.

Of course, there are other great menu items such as their breakfast sandwich, a panini, and even a soup of the day (cooler months only).

Italo Americano even did an article on Tired & Pour in April 2015. Tired & Pour is an awesome cart to head to! 9/10

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