Thursday, December 24, 2015


Sciue is located at the corner of Beatty and Robson in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. They have several locations in downtown Vancouver alone.

Another breakfast/brunch spot not far from where I stayed in downtown Vancouver. Sciue makes their own breads, buns, and Roman-style pizzas (thin-crust, crispy)

The thought of breakfast pizza intrigued me. Eggs is not a common breakfast topping, and I wonder why more places don't do this. It's can be a sunny side up or scrambled, but pretty much whatever you can pull off.

I got a slice of their Spinach / Sunny Side Up Egg Breakfast Pizza ($5.50). Since the pizza had been out on the counter for a while, it went back in the oven to reheat -- which naturally cooks the egg already on top of it. The lesson for next time would likely be to arrive when they open, or whenever they start pulling the pizzas out of the oven the first time around. Still, I'm glad they reheated it. There's something about crispy, warm pizza that brings that comforting feel.

If you're in a mood for meat, they may have pizzas that have prosciutto.

I naturally paired my pizza with some coffee. They have their own line of coffee beans, from medium to espresso blends.

Sciue is a wonderful place to stop off for a quick Roman snack! 8/10

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