Thursday, December 22, 2016

PDX Sliders

(Happy Holidays to all!)

PDX Sliders is located at Cartlab PDX (SW River Road) in Portland, Oregon.

Since 2014, PDX Sliders has received tons of rave reviews for their amazing sliders. I first had their sliders back at the 2014 Eat Mobile event (which I simply attended for fun) and was hooked. I then briefly wrote about their sliders at the 2015 Portland Food Cart Festival, at which I was a judge. Another success.

I've written on hundreds of Portland food carts since I started this food blog, and I had yet to devote a full post to PDX Sliders. For shame, panda.

While sliders (small burgers for those not in the know) are the hallmark of PDX Sliders, you will actually get more full-sized burgers at Cartlab PDX. Even so, if you happen to see their food cart, you'll see that their sliders are anything but ordinary...they're killer good.

I tried The Cartlab burger ($11): Pecan-smoked Carlton Farms pork, Carolina mustard BBQ sauce, house-made aioli, and creamy slaw on Ciabatta. The Cartlab burger is only served at Cartlab (not on the food cart).

There's no other way to say MUST get this. Juicy, smoky pork. Outstanding mustard BBQ sauce, soft Ciabatta. Crunchy slaw. This sandwich has everything a panda wants in seeking nirvana.

Well, maybe if I could take an order of Cartlab fries with me to the promised land, I'd be fully set. FYI, Cartlab fries takes that same pork, slaw, and mustard BBQ sauce and puts it over a bed of hand-cut truffle fries. Suggestion: could we turn this into a poutine with cheese curds and gravy? Perfect drunk food for me.

While Cartlab already has fried chicken at FOMO, you can also try PDX Sliders' fried chicken if you get the Tilikum ($11). The Sellwood ($11) is a glorious bacon cheeseburger with caramelized onions and Beechers aged cheddar.

Even the PDX Fries ($3) are amazing. Fresh, hand-cut, with truffle salt and fresh parsley.

I need say no more: PDX Sliders is an elite food cart! 9.5/10

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