Monday, December 26, 2016

Poke Mon

(This will be my final blog post of 2016! Happy New Year to all!)

Poke Mon is a poke bowl restaurant located on SE Hawthorne in Portland, Oregon.

The poke bowl craze has spread in Portland, as people look to a dish of raw fish, sauce, veggies, and rice more often. It's a nice substitute for sushi, I must say.

Good choice for the name, although I'm a bit surprised there have been no trademark or other legal issues there as of yet. Perhaps because they made it two words and not one.

The menu has six signature bowls, a make-your-own poke bowl option, side dishes, and sake flights.

Yup, you can even buy a skateboard here.

Predictably, I got the Spicy Ahi Donburi Bowl ($9.75): Minced fresh ahi tuna, sweet onion, cucumber, bubu arare (small rice cracker balls), sweet shoyu, nori seaweed strips, and creamy spicy sauce. You'll have a choice of white rice, brown rice, or a bed of mixed greens. I chose the brown rice.

A very well executed dish here. I loved everything from the sweet onion to the crunch of the bubu arare. Fresh ahi tuna. Ideal amounts of creamy spicy sauce and sweet shoyu; I did not have to add anything to the dish. No, I did not find it spicy, but my palate was long busted on that.

If anything, I'd like an option for a larger portion size. The serving I got was a snack for me.

At least when I arrived for Saturday lunch, there wasn't a lot of people inside. I got my order within five minutes. And yes, they ask that you bus your own tables (not a hard thing to do).

Poke Mon is a great place for your poke bowl fix! 8/10

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