Thursday, December 1, 2016

Smokehouse Provisions

Smokehouse Provisions is located on E Mill Plain Blvd in Vancouver, Washington.

It's right next to Ben's Bottleshop, a craft beer bar, so I'd call it a pretty good spot just from that. B.J. Smith already has two Smokehouse restaurants in Portland (Smokehouse 21 and Smokehouse Tavern). Vancouver has perhaps a handful of BBQ options, so add this one to the list.

The lunch/dinner menu has various starters, BBQ options, and BBQ sandwiches, and various BBQ sides. On weekends, the brunch menu makes its cameo -- along with the usual lunch/dinner options. Being the curious panda, I tried one dish from each menu.

Virtually everything is made in-house except the sausages, which are made at Olympia Provisions (but use the Smokehouse Provisions recipe).

The Brisket Benedict ($13) has a homemade buttermilk muffin base, with 3-4 slices of brisket, greens, two poached eggs, and smoked hollandaise (meaning smoked butter is added as part of the hollandaise). It's a great BBQ twist on a traditional brunch or breakfast item. Excellent brisket, tender and smoked wonderfully. Poached eggs were perfect.

Next was the Pulled Pork Poutine ($12): Fries, Ellsworth cheese curds, and house-made smoked gravy, with a scoop of pulled pork on top. It's the same gravy that goes on their biscuits and gravy brunch menu item. Crisp fries, hearty gravy, and juicy pork. It may be a gutbomb, but the panda regrets nothing.

Bottomless coffee ($2.50) features Oblique Roasters. I naturally made sure to get my money's worth of caffeine while there.

Last but not least, there are four BBQ sauces to choose from at the table. The Classic and Hot BBQ sauces are basically the same (thicker and more tomato-based), the Hot featuring more chiles. Vinegar BBQ sauce is liquid and chiles - and careful if you're shaking the bottle on that one. The Mustard BBQ sauce (which also had some cayenne) was my personal favorite.

Very good service here. I also came before the lunch rush, which likely helped with the experience.

Happy to see another BBQ place on this side of the Columbia. Head to Smokehouse Provisions! 8.5/10

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