Monday, November 28, 2016

Stella Taco (SE Division)

Stella Taco has two locations in Portland, Oregon. This blog post covers the spot at SE 30th and Division. The other location is on NE 30th and Alberta.

The original spot is at NE 30th and Alberta. This second location popped up in the first half of 2016, taking over the space from Pizza Maria.

Think Tex-Mex when you come to Stella Taco; it's Austin-style breakfast tacos and street tacos. You'll have your choice of house-made flour tortillas, or corn tortillas from Three Sisters. Breakfast tacos use the flour tortillas by default, while the corn tortillas are the default choice for street tacos.

I'm a huge breakfast taco fan, so I nabbed a couple of breakfast tacos here. Breakfast tacos are $3 and served all day.

The Brisket and Egg taco has scrambled eggs, shredded brisket, radishes, and green chile queso. Wonderful tender brisket here. Queso was also pretty good. A side of me wanted more meat.

The Potato and Egg is the vegetarian option, with scrambled eggs, potatoes, jack cheese, avocado, and BBQ sauce. The BBQ sauce looked almost like a salsa and tasted close to marinara when eating it with the other components. The potatoes looked like they came from a bag (like those frozen home fries). I've seen other places use real potatoes on their tacos, so this was a letdown.

The tacos were a bit smaller than I was hoping for. Looking back, I could probably eat at least six of those in one sitting without flinching (and I know I'm not alone on that one).

Three hot sauce options here. Predictably, I chose the hottest option (XXX), a thick, green-yellow sauce that likely has habaneros in it.

Stella Taco is fine for what it is. Compared to some other taco spots in Portland (both on price and quality), this one can step up its game a bit more. At least it makes me want to travel to Austin now. 6.5/10

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