Thursday, November 10, 2016

Que Bola Cuban Kitchen

Que Bola Cuban Kitchen is located at Portland Mercado (SE 72nd and Foster) in Portland, Oregon.

According to the Mercado's website, the owner of Que Bola was born and raised in Cuba, went to culinary school, and worked as head chef at a Cuban restaurant in Mexico before coming to the United States.

Interesting fact: Que Bola is a Cuban greeting that means "What's up?"

The menu has various Cuban dishes, such as Ropa Vieja (a stewed beef dish served with white rice); the iconic Cubano sandwich; and Picadillo Cubano (a Cuban beef hash dish). You can get a few dishes as combos (with one side and a drink) for $2 more.

The Cubano sandwich ($6) has juicy roast shredded pork, pickles, mustard, ham, and Swiss on a pressed hoagie roll.

Overall, a very good sandwich. I loved the abundance of pork and melted Swiss in this one. The mustard looked similar to a honey mustard, perhaps with a tinge of sweetness; I personally prefer the traditional yellow mustard here for a little more tang. Good press on the bread, but perhaps it could have been pressed a bit longer for extra crunch.

Head to Que Bola for some Cuban cuisine! 7.5/10

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