Thursday, November 24, 2016


Gumba is an Italian food cart located at the A-15 food pod (NE 15th and Alberta) in Portland, Oregon.

This food cart was once the home of The Cheese Plate before the owners moved onto their latest pop-up restaurant adventure, Of Roots and Blooms.

Gumba opened in summer 2016, and Jesus is the owner/chef.

The menu has a rotating mix of salads, soups, and pastas. There are frittas, fried dough with (usually) savory ingredients. If you're in a light breakfast mood, I've also seen an Italian doughnut in coffee caramel ($3) on the menu.

All pastas are made from scratch, including the noodles. Perhaps you may pass by the cart and see the fresh pasta hanging inside!

I went with the Pappardelle with Braised Short Rib ($11), which also has olives and pecorino cheese. One of the most delicious dishes I've had in a long time. A rich, hearty, satisfying feel. Perfect pasta, tender short rib. The dish was perfectly seasoned. If anything, I'd add a bit of spice (even a bit of chili pepper flakes), and I'd be in pure heaven.

The pizza fritta ($10 veggie; $12 meat) has generally been another popular dish. Fried dough filled with porchetta (meat version) or various vegetables.

Hours during winter have generally been Thursday to Sunday.

The pasta is a must-get if you stop at Gumba. Check out this elite food cart! 9/10

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