Monday, January 2, 2017

Hissho Sushi

Hissho Sushi is a national sushi chain with locations in 39 states. This blog post covers the spot at Portland International Airport in Portland, Oregon.

Hissho Sushi opened its Portland location in July 2015. The menu features sushi and "makirritos" (sushi "burritos" - seaweed nori wrap, rice, and lots of fillings thick enough for burrito-sized thickness). The Portland location also serves ramen.

I've been a fan of the sushi burrito ever since I heard about it in early 2016. I'd figure that any sushi fan would also be a fan of this genius creation; it's packed with more fillings (usually fish and vegetables). From my experience, you're also not necessarily eating a ton more rice when compared with 1-2 good-sized sushi rolls.

I got the Sushi Tuna Makirrito ($10): raw tuna, ice berg lettuce, cucumber, avocado, green onion, spicy creamy sauce, and spicy crunchy flakes. Very tasty and well put together. I liked that it wasn't packed tightly (don't want the dense paperweight burrito experience).

It's a very reasonable buy at about $10, as it should be just as much food (if not more) than 1-2 sushi rolls. Obviously it would depend on what type of sushi roll you're buying.

The awesome part is that you should be able to find this in most U.S. states, not just Oregon. If you have a Hissho Sushi near you, check it out! 8.5/10


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