Monday, January 16, 2017

Scratch Kitchen & Bake Shop

Scratch Kitchen and Bake Shop is located on Smith Street in downtown Honolulu, Hawaii.

While there may be a number of American breakfast or brunch places on the mainland, they are not as easy to come by in the Aloha State. Scratch, which has received a number of rave reviews, puts its own spin on traditional American breakfast, brunch, and lunch favorites.

They also have cocktails and craft beer on the menu. Not a surprise that there can be a decent wait to get a table here.

I got some coffee to start. The beans are from Illy's and are also likely used in their espresso drinks. Very good stuff here.

I came here with my mom the day after New Year's, and we split a couple of breakfast dishes.

The Strawberries 'n Cream Stuffed French Toast ($10) has mascarpone, rice krispies, strawberries, blueberries, and vanilla-infused maple syrup. A rather small portion, but very delicious. Not too sweet, lovely crunch on the toast. Interesting to add the rice krispies for added texture, crunch, and presentation.

The BLT Benny v2.3 ($13) is an upscale take on traditional eggs benedict, featuring prosciutto, griddled tomato, basil pesto dressed greens, and peppered hollandaise on thick toast. Perfect poached eggs. The pesto on the greens bolstered the dish to elite levels. The thickness on the toast reminded me of the size I'd get at Word of Mouth Bistro.Outstanding potatoes, pressed slightly to get more surface area crisping up that skin.

The benedict here was more my size portion than the french toast. I'd still highly recommend both.

People around me were also getting the Chilaquiles ($13), a gluten-free option with shredded chicken, sunny side up eggs, tortilla chips, lime crema, queso fresco, and pickled jalapenos. And of course, you can't forget the "Milk and Cereal Pancakes" ($10), that also have bananas, berries, and "milk" syrup.

It may be a chore to find parking in the area. You'd be in Chinatown, where it's mostly metered parking or a pay-to-park lot. We just so happened to go the day after New Year's, when it was free parking on the street.

Color me spoiled on breakfast places in Portland, but I wish there were more places like Scratch in Hawaii. It's a legit badass spot to get your brunch on. 9.25/10

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