Sunday, April 23, 2017

Mt. Tabor Brewing and Pub (Vancouver)

Mount Tabor Brewing and Pub now has two locations. While the original location remains on SE 11th Avenue in Portland, this blog post covers the newer location off NW 119th and Lakeshore in Vancouver, Washington.

Mount Tabor's Vancouver pub opened in mid-March 2017, filling a large void in the Felida neighborhood needing a woodfired pizza and craft beer spot. Otherwise, one of the closer breweries would be Railside Brewery off NE 76th Street.

The menus include various small plates, their signature woodfired pizzas, sandwiches, salads, and desserts.

My friends and I started with the Roasted Carrots ($7): Baby roasted orange and purple carrots, brown sugar, chevre, hazelnuts, and sea salt. I admit to not being the biggest fan of chevre but I loved the carrots. You could cut them with the edge of a fork, and they still retained their shape, no mushy experience. Roasted perfectly.

Mt. Tabor's taplist includes approximately a dozen of their own beers. I had a half pint of the Asylum Avenue IPA, a clean and refreshing tropical brew clocking in at 6.3% and 64 IBU. One of my friends enjoyed the Space Mountain Sour IPA, its pinkish color likely coming from the raspberry.

Mt. Tabor's signature woodfired pizzas start with a brick oven that burns California almond wood. Pies come in 13" or 18" sizes, each topped with house mozzarella and parmesan. We got three 13" pizzas because science.

My choice was "The Meats" ($20 for a 13" pie): house-ground Italian sausage, pepperoni, shaved Virginia country ham, and kalamata olives. All the meats and olives are sliced or diced so that you can get a bit of everything in one big bite.

We also enjoyed the "Less is More" ($14): Mt. Tabor's take on the Margherita featuring house mozzarella, fresh basil, garlic oil, and pomodoraccio tomatoes.

Finally, "The Amazing Amato" ($17) confirmed its amazing status. Soppressata salami, black olives, local mushrooms, and crushed tomatoes.

A key thing for me: all of us asked that the pizzas be done extra crispy. That's generally our preference if possible. Awesome crunch to the crust, with chewiness. Proper.

Since we came by on just Mt. Tabor's second weekend, the place stayed busy as locals flocked to the new establishment. We luckily avoided a wait and arrived at an ideal time in the mid-afternoon. With its quality pizzas, I'm sure the demand and popularity will increase.

Mt. Tabor's new pub is an outstanding addition to the Felida neighborhood! 8.75/10

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