Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Paper Bag Pizza

Paper Bag Pizza is located at the Tidbit pod (SE 28th and Division) in Portland, Oregon.

While Pyro Pizza downsizes back to their original cart at Cartopia (and yes, Pyro's Wicked Wiches has also shuttered), a new woodfired pizza cart takes over what was Pyro's second spot. Not surprising here, as the cart was already customized and ideal for woodfired pizza.

The menu is slightly larger than Pyro's, with four base pizza options ($8 to $10), six special pizzas ($9 to $14), and a make-your-own pizza option (starts at $8). Unfortunately for GF people, no gluten-free pizza here.

The oven is cranked up to about 650 degrees, and the pizzas take maybe a couple of minutes to bake. Your order should get to you within a reasonable time.

As I do at virtually any pizza place, I get the Pizza Margherita ($9). Here, it's fresh mozzarella and tomato sauce with basil. After coming out of the oven, fresh parmesan is grated on top. The 11" pizza is cut into six slices.

Another outstanding woodfired pizza here. The crust is chewy, with a slight crunch. I traditionally fold my slices in half, which also allowed me to see the underside (looked wonderful). I'm a fan of seeing the blotches of blackened crust commonly seen on a woodfired pizza; it gives additional character and flavor.

The pizza is enough to fill a person with a smaller appetite, or likely serve as a second lunch for a hungry human.

I'd also highly recommend The Number One ($12; sausage, calabrian chiles, roasted garlic, fresh mozzarella, and tomato sauce) and Piggly Wiggly ($13; braised pork, gruyere, leeks, roasted potatoes, and roasted garlic).

Paper Bag Pizza is open daily from 12-8. Check this awesome food cart out! 9/10

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