Sunday, July 16, 2017

Bottle Logic Brewing

Bottle Logic Brewing is located on N Armando Street in Anaheim, California.

Whenever I head back to Southern California for Vidcon, at least one brewery must be on the itinerary. This year, it was Bottle Logic. I've managed to obtain and enjoy a couple of their beers prior to the visit, but this was my first trip to the brewery itself.

Bottle Logic has five core beers, with several more rotating or limited-time offerings. You can get a sampler or their five core beers for $8, a great deal. You can even ask up front if they have any special beers left in their back refrigerator.

For me, I started with a limited-time release of Double Dragon, their New England-style IPA, released on draft at the brewery on June 24. They had also been releasing various hazy IPAs in cans as part of their Konami series.

It was $6 for a 14-16 oz pour of Double Dragon. Yup, I enjoyed it, and you can head to my beer blog to see how I rated it.

After enjoying Double Dragon, I went back for a 4 oz taster of Console Exclusive, their 11% ABV Imperial Stout. Incredible coffee/chocolate aroma and flavor, while hiding the octane very well. Extremely dangerous and flavorful.

Bottle Logic is a popular spot, and the line never seemed to die down. Still, our group managed to get a section in the back, next to all the barrels of beer.

There is a rotating food truck parked in front each day, so you can bring your food in while enjoying your Bottle Logic brew.

If you're a craft beer fan, check out Bottle Logic Brewing if in the Anaheim area! 8.5/10

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