Wednesday, July 12, 2017

World Famous Grill

World Famous Grill is on S Anaheim Blvd in Anaheim, California.

World Famous Grill has a very large menu, with both Mediterranean and American dishes. It's all halal and kosher here. They have everything from breakfast burritos to kabobs and flatbreads, to salads and burgers.

I hadn't been in California more more than three hours, and my friend and I each decided to devour a large burger. "The One Pounder" is basically 1 lb of beef (precooked weight), with a large homemade bun and lots of veggies. Total weight will probably come to around 2 lbs.

It's $12 for just the burger, and $15.99 for the meal (includes fries and a drink).

No time limit, and the challenge is just eating the burger in one sitting. If you eat the entire burger, you'll go on their Wall of Fame. You'll still have to pay for the burger. Many people have completed it before me.

After a few pictures and setting up of our video cameras, we sat down for a tasty meal. the burger itself was delicious, and I was impressed by their homemade bun. It is lots of bread as far as ratio is concerned, but it went down rather easily. I had my burger with some marionberry habanero BBQ sauce I brought from Oregon. The sauce inside the burger was 1000 Island (or equivalent), and it ultimately reminded me of a large Big Mac (but with real ingredients).


I had a couple fries from my friend's plate afterward. To me, just typical good fries which had slightly cooled. Frankly, this is a great deal and one of the cheapest solo quantity challenges I am aware of. For most, it really won't be a challenge.

Great service here, very accommodating. We came in at a very slow time and had the place to ourselves.

Best photobomb ever

Head to World Famous Grill if you're in the area! 8.5/10

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