Wednesday, August 2, 2017

MF Tasty

MF Tasty is a Southwestern food cart located on N Williams Ave in Portland, Oregon.

MF Tasty started as a dinner pop-up in Arizona in 2010 before becoming a Portland food cart. Menu items may be inspired with Southwestern influence, and does not tie them to prepare traditional Southwestern cuisine. MF Tasty uses local ingredients, hence their slogan "Southwestern Inspired, Portland Made."

The menu features sandwiches, quesadillas, greens, a brunch burrito, and a paella of the week.

The Brunch Burrito ($7) includes a two-egg scramble, spiced potatoes, oaxacan cheese blend, cart-made pinto beans, crema, and choice of cart-made salsa (chipotle or tomatillo). You can add meat (chorizo or bacon) for $2 more. Always yes to bacon.

It's a very good burrito, and the strips of bacon really made the difference here for me. I enjoyed their chipotle sauce on the side. The tortilla is heated and slightly browned, so be sure to enjoy this one while it's piping hot. Just beware of any gooey cheese that could burn your mouth or face.

My friend Steven Shomler first mentioned this food cart to me a while back, and I know he has enjoyed the paella here. I plan to enjoy that at a future time.

From 5 to 8:30 PM on Tuesdays, you can get $3 street tacos here. Taco Tuesdays are important, after all. Blue corn tortillas. Choice of carne asada, pork, chorizo, or vegetarian.

MF Tasty is a great Portland food cart! 7.75/10

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