Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Bowl and Berry Clackamas Grand Opening (7/29/2017)

(Original Bethany Review -- February 2016)

On July 29, 2017, The Bowl & Berry opened its third location in Clackamas, at the Clackamas Promenade. Their other location is at Bridgeport Village in Tigard.

Three locations in about two and half years for Shaina is very impressive. Since I last wrote about Bowl & Berry last February, several menu items have been added, including berry salads, fruit mixers, berry sodas, and ice cream. As with any business, menu prices have slightly increased.

For the Clackamas grand opening, all items were 50% off from 9 AM to 2 PM. I got there just before 10 AM. There are several, limited seats inside, with more covered space outside.

The containers have changed to shallower, clear containers; now, you can see every layer of a berry or a signature bowl. Same appears to go for the drink cups.

I got the PB Crunch Bowl this time, which I briefly mentioned in my original post. The blend at the bottom includes peanut butter, chocolate pieces, and honey. It is then topped with bananas, strawberries, gluten-free granola, almonds, and Twisted honey. For a more satisfying protein-filled bowl (as opposed to just sweet fruit sugar and honey), this is a great option. The almonds and granola add a wonderful crunch and texture contrast with the fruit.

I had to try the fruit mixers as well. It's just one 20 oz size here for $3.95. There are at least three components to each mixer: a syrup, a base fruit juice, a possible mixer (such as coconut milk), and actual fruit. It is layered for presentation, but you'll then stir it together.

The Fruitopia has berry syrup, pineapple juice, coconut milk, and marionberries. It's a delicious drink, yet I really only got the pineapple juice after it was all mixed together. I would consider a larger straw, like one used for bubble tea (boba) drinks so that the fruit pieces don't lodge in the smaller traditional straws.

The Strawberry Lemonade and Orange Dreamsicle fruit mixers also look appealing.

Quick thoughts on some of the other items:
  • I like the one-size-only option for most items, such as berry salads, ice creams, fruit mixers, and sodas. It cuts down on costs and it is easier to train staff (they'll just need to remember one size instead of remembering ratios for different sizes).
  • I'm interested in the fruit dressings for the berry salads. Not everyone does it, and I'm glad Bowl & Berry sticks with their fruit concept here. Berry, strawberry, or pineapple dressings available.
  • The Pineapple Madness ice cream is calling my name. With the coconut cream base, it could basically be a frozen pina colada.
  • Berry sodas should sell very well in the warmer months, but pack that refreshing feeling to drink year-round.
In the short time I was there, a steady, yet increasing flow of people started arriving.

I think Bowl & Berry has three wonderful locations, with lots of foot traffic off main roads and in shopping complexes. It's been fun watching Shaina's business grow, and I look forward to seeing if there will be more locations in the future - perhaps one closer to my neck of the woods. 8.5/10

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