Thursday, November 8, 2018

Shirley's Bakery and Cafe

Shirley's Bakery and Cafe is located at Freedom Blvd 200 W in Provo, Utah.

Before heading to the Hawaii-BYU football game at nearby Lavell Edwards Stadium (maybe 2-3 blocks away), I wanted to get get a bite to eat.

Shirley's, as the name implies is known for their bread and baked goods. The locals end up buying Shirley's dinner rolls by the packful, maybe upwards of three dozen or more in a sitting. If not the dinner rolls, locals also go nuts for the sweet rolls.

Shirley's has several sandwich options, and you can turn them into one of three combos. Combination meals can include soup, chips, salad, a drink, and/or a baked good.

I got the Canadian Club on wheat bread ($7.99): Honey-roasted ham, bacon, lettuce, sprouts, tomato, avocado, and dijon cream cheese spread. I got the biggest combo option, in which our server gave us soup (with one of those dinner rolls), a drink, and a pastry of our choice. I don't think that was any of the listed combo options, but I'll take it.

As expected, amazing bread and dinner roll. You could tell the bread was fresh, and even the veggies were crunchy and vibrant. That dinner roll was soft and paired so well with the hearty tomato basil soup I got.

As for the pastry, I went with the Blueberry Big Foot ($2.29), a flaky pastry lined with blueberry spread inside. Extremely fluffy inside, but holds its shape well with all the icing.

As a larger incentive, Shirley's knows the stadium is nearby, so for home games, if you spend at least $10 at Shirley's you can park in their parking lot and leave your car there to go to the football game. It seems like other nearby businesses do the same thing, to some degree, which certainly helps with the football turnout.

Not surprisingly, like the vast majority of spots in Provo, Shirley's is closed on Sundays. They do open otherwise for breakfast, all the way through dinner.

For sandwiches and basked goods, Shirley's is an elite spot in Provo! 9/10

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