Sunday, March 17, 2019

ChadLou's Coffee Roasters

ChadLou's Coffee Roasters is located on Kihapai Street in Kailua, Hawaii.

A group of friends and family opened ChadLou's in 2010 after having resided in the Kailua area since the 1960s. Since Hawaii is the only U.S. state that grows coffee beans, I especially wanted to find coffee shops while here that roast their own beans and sell their own coffee. ChadLou's does that, and you can even buy their coffee online.

There are a few tables inside and a couple of tables outside. In the back of an adjacent room, you'll see bags of coffee.

Along with the usual espresso and coffee drinks, there are tea lattes, which are made like regular lattes, but use tea instead.

I eyed the Manoa Mocha ($5), which contains Manoa chocolate, but they apparently didn't have chocolate at the time I went. So I just went with their regular latte ($4).

As with every coffee shop, the drinks are made to order, so I waited a minute or two on the side while my drink was prepped.

Great job on the latte. More on the unsweetened side and, for me, a good ratio of espresso to steamed milk. A bit of latte art on top, of course.

ChadLou's also makes their own banana bread from scratch, so I got the thickest piece I could find. Awesome bread here, moist and slightly towards the dense side. Banana well represented. Other flavors at the time included a chocolate chip banana bread and a blueberry banana bread.

If you're heading towards the windward side of Oahu, ChadLou's is a great coffee shop to stop at! 8/10

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